CATAGO! Bellefonte Zone Updates


Dear CATA Patrons,

In April 2023, Spring Township, Centre County, sent a letter to CATA notifying us of their intention to not renew their contract agreement to receive CATA service.  The Township’s notification cited dissatisfaction with their local funding requirement to receive transit service. Unless the Township decides to renew their contract with CATA, we will have no choice but to end service in Spring Township as of June 30, 2024.  Customers should understand that CATA will not end this service before June 30, 2024.

CATA’s services in Spring and Benner Townships and within the Borough of Bellefonte have been very successful and have grown over the past several years.  This growth in ridership has led to an additional need for funding to support these services. CATA is looking at solutions to address this entire area, but Spring Township’s decision to withdraw from the system has pushed this issue to the forefront.

We are working with Spring Township to find a way to continue providing service to our customers in the area.

To help keep our customers informed about this situation, we will be using this webpage to share communication between CATA and other involved parties and to provide any updates. CATA hosted a public hearing in the Armory Building, 301 North Spring Street, Bellefonte, on January 30th.  Please click here to see C-NET's broadcast of the public hearing.  If you wish to read CATA’s correspondence with Spring Township, Benner Township and Bellefonte Borough please use this link.

When additional updates are available, we will share information here.

Thank you,

CATA Management