The CATABUS service includes two groups of routes: Community Service - the 14-route community bus system and Campus Service - the 3-route circulator and cross-campus Loop and Link service.

Community Service

CATABUS Community Service consists of 14 community bus routes that provide service between Downtown State College and the Penn State Campus and suburban shopping centers, apartment complexes, residential areas, governmental offices, and many other special points of interest.

PennState Transportation Services

Campus Service

This no-fare service is possible because of a partnership between the Pennsylvania State University and the Centre Area Transportation Authority (CATA) through Penn State Transportation Services.

Campus Service Schedule

WHITE LOOP on Campus In Transit 1st 2014

Learn More About CATA

The Centre Area Transportation Authority (CATA) is a joint municipal authority formed under the “Municipal Authorities Act of 1945.” CATA was first incorporated on May 17, 1974, and then reorganized into its current format on February 5, 1982 by five local municipalities: the Borough of State College and the four surrounding townships: Patton, Ferguson, Harris, and College.

Learn more about CATA.

There are a number of free real-time mobile applications available for both iPhone (version 4.0 or newer) and Android users through the Google Play or the Apple App Store. All of the apps offer current bus locations and estimated departures. Some offer additional features beyond that. Click here for more information on each app and the two mobile real-time sites that offer some of the same basic features and should work with any mobile OS.

Text Alerts

Real-time text notifications

Real-time next bus arrival times can be accessed for every stop by texting CB (stop#) to 321-123. Bus stop numbers are included when you click on any of the stops in the CATABUS Locator. They are also included at the top of the schedule displays located at each stop. In the examples, you would text CB285 to 321-123 to receive the next departures from that stop for every route serving that stop via text.