CATA Staff Contact Information


Telephone: (814) 238-CATA(2282) see below for direct individual extensions

Email: [email protected]

Fax: (814) 238-7643

Interim Executive Director and CEO: David Rishelextension 5156

Assistant Executive Director for Operations: Kimberly Fragolaextension 5179

Executive Assistant/Board Liaison: LeAnn Pentz, extension 5131


Transportation Department:

Director of Operations: Wayne Patterson, extension 5134

Fixed Route Operations Manager: Sean Howard, extension 5154

Operations Supervisor: Kristy Graham, extension 5149
Operations Supervisor: Angie King, extension 5155
Operations Supervisor: Steven Plank, extension 5148
Operations Supervisor: Bryan Wolfe, extension 5147
Operations Supervisor: Lee Campbell, extension 5159

Operations Specialist II: Javier Cordero, extension 5152
Operations Specialist II: currently open

Operations Specialist I: Molly Ziegler, extension 5150
Operations Specialist I: Glen Plumley, extension 5150
Operations Specialist I: Elizabeth Bittner, extension 5150
Operations Specialist I: Deejay Hackenberg, extension 5150
Operations Specialist I: Michelle Saavedra, extension 5150
Operations Specialist I: Dmitry Wall, extension 5150

Maintenance Manager: Mark Kutzer, extension 5160

Maintenance Supervisor II: Rick Fisher, extension 5136
Maintenance Supervisor I: John Butler, extension 5133
Maintenance Supervisor I:  Joshua Nicholson, extension 5137

Facilities Supervisor: Sam Faulds, extension 5176
Inventory Control Specialist: Sally Priskextension 5163

Customer Service Supervisor: Erin LaPean, extension 5177

Customer Service Representative: Kelly Saylor, extension 5900
Customer Service Representative: Lizdani "Liz" Ventura, extension 5900
Customer Service Representative:
Luke Keller, extension 5900

On Demand Operations:

ADA and On Demand Programs Manager: Derek Sherman, extension 5130

ADA and On Demand Programs Coordinator: Emily Rickens, extension 5139

Business Development & Community Engagement Department:

Director of Business Development & Community Engagement: Lori Miller, extension 5153

Public Relations Specialist: Sara Romage, extension 5141

Transportation Planner: Marin Yang, extension 5135

       Transportation Coordinator: Rick Evans,
       extension 5181

       Data Analyst:  Noah Soriano, extension 5453

Finance Department:

Director of Finance: Bruce Donovan, extension 5142

Procurement and Contract Specialist: Zach Polin, extension 5164

Sr. Staff Accountant: Randy Bucher, extension 5180
Jr. Staff Accountant: Kathleen Frank, extension 5124

Human Resources Department:

Director of Human Resources and Compliance: Megan Ensor, extension 5127

Human Resources Manager: Edd Brady, extension 5144

Human Resources Specialist: Dann Gerasenko, extension 5123

Recruitment & Development Specialist: Tatum Risch, extension 5168

Safety & Training Manager: Bob Beck, extension 5158

Operations Trainer: Andrea Burns, extension 5145

Information Technology Department:

Director of Information Technology: currently open

System Administrator/Team Lead: Donny Lynch, extension 5121

IT Support Specialist II: Shawn McKean, extension 5182
IT Support Specialist I: Lyndon Swanson, extension 5183

Other Employees:

Driver personnel: extension 5150
Maintenance personnel: extension 5162