Emergency Ride Home Program (ERH)


CATA is aware that pooling commuters occasionally face unexpected situations and emergencies that require an alternative, and sometimes immediate means of transportation.  To address this concern, we have established an Emergency Ride Home Program, available to anyone who registers with the RideShare Program and joins a carpool or vanpool.

An annual fee of $15.00 will register you to receive four rides home per calendar year (up to a 50 mile, one-way trip), in case an unexpected situation or emergency disrupts your shared ride arrangements.

Eligible participants will be provided with transportation to a hospital, back to a vehicle, or to pick up a child from daycare or school before proceeding to the proper destination.   If a driver needs to leave and cannot provide a ride home because of a qualifying emergency and there is no approved backup driver available, riders will receive an emergency ride home.  CATA and the service provider will arrange shared ride service with other eligible participants whenever possible.

The emergency ride home program provides service to eligible participants who experience emergencies and unexpected situations only.  Participants whose travel plans vary or change frequently, or who are considered “essential,” should consider the limitations.  During severe weather and major athletic or entertainment events, taxi availability may be limited and result in extended wait times.  Please plan accordingly.

Use of the program is limited to qualified emergencies and will be monitored by CATA. Any abuse of the program will result in a warning, followed by immediate removal from the program for further abuse.

Qualifying unexpected situations and emergencies include:

  • Illness or medical emergencies (participants or family members)
  • Catastrophic work-related or personal emergencies (flood, fire, company shut down, etc.)
  • Work-related unexpected and mandatory overtime

Situations that are pre-arranged and not of urgency, such as but not limited to medical, dental, financial, legal or car repair appointments or meetings, are not considered qualified emergencies and not eligible for an emergency ride home.  Known and imminent situations (i.e. severe weather) in which there is a degree of certainty that a rider(s) will need to stay later than the carpool or vanpool, will not be approved.

Please contact the Commuter Services Manager at (814) 238-2282 ext. 5134 or email rideshare@catabus.com for additional information and procedures.