CATA Annual Public Hearings - Proposed Fall 2018 CATABUS service changes

CATA’s Board of Directors will host the following two public hearing to gather comment and input on proposed service changes affecting the A (Park Forest Village), B (Boalsburg), C (Houserville), HP (Toftrees/Scenery Park), M (Nittany Mall), and W (Valley Vista) Routes.

Tuesday, June 5, 5:00 p.m.
Patton Township Municipal Building
100 Patton Plaza, State College, PA 16803


Wednesday, June 6, 5:00 p.m.
Boalsburg Fire Hall
113 East Pine Street, Boalsburg, PA 16827

Details of the proposed service changes are available for review below. Any changes to service would take effect with the start of CATA’s full service schedule on Saturday, August 18.

If you are unable to attend either public hearing, but wish to have your suggestions or viewpoints presented, comments may be directed to:

L. Eric Bernier, Director of Information Services
Centre Area Transportation Authority (CATA)
2081 W. Whitehall Road, State College, PA 16801
(814) 238-CATA(2282) ext. 5140

Community Service
proposed service changes
to take effect Saturday August 18, 2018

HP (Toftrees/Scenery Park) & M (Nittany Mall):
• The “P” end of the current HP Route (the south end that services Pugh Street to Scenery Park) will be removed from the route and become the stand-alone P Route that will extend beyond Scenery Park out through Boalsburg.
• The remaining portion of the route, (the H end serving Toftrees) will be added to the current M (Nittany Mall) Route. This change will change the HP (Toftrees/Scenery Park) and M (Nittany Mall) routes to the HM (Toftrees/Nittany Mall) and P (Tussey Mt) routes.
• The current section of the HP Route serving the area between Valley Vista Drive and Geisinger Grays Woods will move to the W Route (see below). This change will allow the new HM Route to operate every 40 minutes on weekdays and every 60 minutes on Saturday and Sunday.

These changes will improve the service frequency to all areas currently serviced by the “H” end of the HP Route and the current M Route. It will also provide Toftrees with expanded operating hours on Friday evenings and Saturday along with new year-round Sunday service.

Current & proposed new HM Toftrees/Nittany Mall schedule map (w/changes highlighted)

HC (Toftrees Ave/Campus): (NEW)

• A new HC Route will operate 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. weekdays during full service between Toftrees Avenue and the Pattee Transit Center on campus. It will operate just ahead of all inbound HM trips from Toftrees and in between all outbound HM trips leaving campus for Toftrees during that time frame

The new HC Route is modeled after the other express route services (NE, VE, RC, RP & WE). Like those other routes, it’s designed to provide quick and efficient travel between the densely populated areas along the core of the underlying route (in this case, Toftrees Avenue) and campus during the peak demand times for travel between those two locations.

Proposed new HC Toftrees Ave/Campus schedule map

B (Boalsburg) & P (Tussey Mt):
• The “P” end of the current HP Route (the south end that services Pugh Street to Scenery Park) will become a separate route that will extend beyond Scenery Park to Tussey Mountain, with service now provided along Discovery Drive.
• With the P extension now covering much of Boalsburg with all day service, the Boalsburg end of the B Route will be changed to a loop through Liberty Hill while still operating through the single-family residential areas along all of the current B route routing, but only four times a day; the same commuter level service provided to other similar areas.

The new P Route will provide continuous service and longer operating hours Monday through Saturday to the non-residential Boalsburg destinations, like the schools, Pennsylvania Military Museum, the Boalsburg Industrial Park and Tussey Mountain. The single-family home neighborhoods in Boalsburg will still have the direct service to campus and downtown State College via the B Route four times a day with the other three trips a day replaced with access a few blocks away to P Route service that operates at a higher frequency and longer operating hours than the current B Route..

Current & proposed new B Boalsburg schedule map (w/changes highlighted)

Current HP & proposed new P Tussey Mt schedule map (w/changes highlighted)

Proposed B, HP & P changes combined on a single map

A (Park Forest Village) & W (Valley Vista) Routes:
• Service to Geisinger Grays Woods will move from the current HP (Toftrees/Scenery Park) Route to the W Route. Moving Geisinger Grays Woods to the W Route will increase the frequency of service to that important destination from what is provided via the current HP Route. To retain the current 40-minute frequency on the W Route, the current routing through the residential area of Park Forest Village will be moved a few blocks out to operate along Valley Vista Drive. With the W moving off those residential streets to Valley Vista, it will now also operate on Sundays
• Service along those residential streets of Park Forest will be replaced with an agjustment and expansion of the A (Park Forest Village) Route loop. The new A route loop will shift one block closer to Valley Vista and incorporate most all of the current W routing through Park Forest.

Due to the service demand growth along the W Route on either side of the residential streets of Park Forest, the route must now be operated using large buses operating at a higher frequency and later operating hours. This is no longer the best fit for those residential areas through which it currently travels; especially with the need to add Sunday service to those other destinations.

The single-family homes along the streets the W Route currently operates in Park Forest will still have the direct service to campus via the new A Route four times a day with access a few blocks away to higher frequency, and the longer operating service hours provided by the W (Valley Vista) or the N Routes (Park Forest Avenue/Park Lane).

Current & proposed new A Park Forest Village schedule map (w/changes highlighted)

Current & proposed new W Valley Vista schedule map (w/changes highlighted)

Proposed A & W routing changes combined on a single map

C (Houserville):
• The routing will be extended beyond Penn Hills to serve the new residential housing development, Pleasant Pointe. (The first buildings will open on July 1st, and the entire property will open by Sept 1st.) The routing through Penn Hills will not change and Pleasant Pointe will be served via the newly built stop along Trout Road.

Current & proposed new C Houserville schedule map(w/changes highlighted)

XB (Bellefonte) & XG (Pleasant Gap) Routes:
• Due to the improved frequency on the new HM Route, transfers between that route and the XB (Bellefonte) and XG (Pleasant Gap) Routes at the Nittany Mall would no longer be as convenient for riders on Saturdays. To resolve the issue, both routes will now extend all the way into campus and downtown State College on Saturdays. This will affect the timing of some of the trips, but eliminate the need for transfers at the Nittany Mall on Saturdays making the service more convenient.

NV (Havershire/Martin/Vairo/Toftrees) & VN (Toftrees/Vairo/Martin/Havershire) Routes:
• Both routes will be extended into The Station complex currently under construction along Toftrees Avenue.
• As the result of decreased late-night ridership on both the NV (Havershire/Martin/Vairo/ Toftrees) and VN (Toftrees/Vairo/Martin/Havershire) Routes, the current 20-minutes frequency provided between midnight and 3:00 a.m. will be changed to every 30 minutes.

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