CATA Staff Contact Information

Telephone: 814-238-CATA (2282) see below for direct individual extensions
Email: see below for direct individual email addresses
Fax: 814-272-5546

General Manager: Louwana Oliva, extension 5156
Executive Assistant/Board Liaison: Marsha Kyper, extension 5131

Information Services Department:

Director of Information Services: L. Eric Bernier, extension 5140
Public Relations Manager: Jacqueline K. Sheader, extension 5141
Systems Administrator: Don Lynch, extension 5121 
IT Support Assistant I: Shawn McKean, extension 5182
Customer Service Supervisor: Emily Garner, extension 5177
Customer Service Representative: Kelly Saylor, extension 5450
Customer Service Representative: Nancy Baker, extension 5120

Finance Department:

Director of Finance: Kimberly Fragola, extension 5179
Accounting Specialist: Shelby Serafin, extension 5180
Procurement Specialist: Jaime Miller, extension 5164
Accounting Coordinator: Annette Filoromo-Beck, extension 5124
Accounting Clerk: Ashley Kuhn, extension 5126

Transportation Department: 

Director of Transportation: Ryan Harshbarger, extension 5165 
Operations Manager: Chris Jordan, extension 5153
Operations Supervisor: Sean Howard, extension 5154
Operations Supervisor: Ben Shaw, extension 5155
Operations Supervisor: Derek Sherman, extension 5139
Operations Supervisor: Steve Campbell, extension 5143
Scheduler: Jennifer Bellis, extension 5181
Dispatch/Scheduler: Javier Cordero, extension 5150
Dispatch/Scheduler: Cynthia Wright-Shawley, extension 5150
Dispatch/Scheduler: Tim Gerasenko, extension 5150
Dispatch/Scheduler: Alex Karpinski, extension: 5150
Maintenance Manager: Mark Kutzer, extension 5160
Maintenance Supervisor: Rick McClellan, extension 5133
Maintenance Supervisor: Dustin Clark, extension 5137
Maintenance Supervisor: (currently vacant) extension 5136
Facilities Supervisor: Bob Reska, extension 5178
Inventory/Parts Clerk: Sally Prisk, extension 5163
Commuter Services Manager: Terri Quici, extension 5134
ADA Paratransit Manager: Cindy Zerbe, extension 5130

Human Resources Department:

Director of Human Resources and Compliance: Liz Pierce, extension: 5144
Human Resources Assistant: Dann Gerasenko, extension 5123
Payroll Specialist: Megan Querns, extension 5127
Safety and Training Manager: Ken Morder, extension 5158 

Other Employees:

Driver personnel: extension 5150
Maintenance personnel: extension 5162
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