Special Tussey Mt. service starts Monday Jan. 8; Bus pass available for PSU classes at Tussey

CATA’s B Route serving Boalsburg provides skiers with an inexpensive way to get to and from Tussey Mountain. The route operates Monday through Saturday between downtown and Tussey Mt./Boalsburg.

The eight (8) special B Route trips to/from Tussey begin operating every weekday from Monday, January 8 through Friday, March 2, 2018. These trips operate during this time to help accommodate the increased ridership resulting from both the start of ski season and the two different six-week long evening Kinesiology classes hosted at Tussey Mt.

PSU students using the B Route service to get to and from the Kinesiology classes during Spring Semester (Kinesiology 11, 11A and 12) are eligible for a special B Route bus pass that they can use to ride for free to and from Tussey through Saturday, March 3.

Note that all of the special trips are direct service trips to Tussey from downtown and campus. The 5:50 and 6:30 p.,m. trips are the trips Kinesiology class students should use as they are at Tussey at 6:15 and 6:55 p.m. respectively, The 5:25 p.m. trip is also available (as all of the trips are), but it is less direct, and longer, arriving at Tussey at 6:07 p.m.; only eight minutes before the special 5:50 trip. Special B Route pass will be issued to students by Tussey staff the first day of class

Special Tussey Mt. B Route Pass


Complete B Route Schedule

Special printable Campus-Tussey schedule

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