Carry-On Policy

In keeping with CATA’s goal to provide safe and enjoyable public transportation, the following are required of each passenger using CATABUS services. Violation of any part of this policy may result in action ranging from a verbal warning to immediate removal from a CATA vehicle; a single severe or repeated violation may also result in temporary and/or permanent suspension from the use of CATABUS service. In addition, certain acts may be subject to fines and/or prosecution. It is CATA’s policy that:

1. All items brought on board by passengers must either be held on the passenger’s lap, sit on the floor at their feet, or be placed in the priority seating area (on CATABUS) without blocking the aisle, entrance or exit of the bus; this includes shopping carts and strollers;

o A passenger must maintain an adequate hold on a stroller or cart so that it may not pose physical threat or harm to other passengers;
o If the priority seating area is already occupied, that area does not have to be vacated to accommodate a stroller or cart;
o If an older adult or person with a disability boards the bus and desires to sit in the priority seating area, any items in that area must be moved, and;
o The passenger whose item must be moved may choose to either fold the item and store it as described or exit the bus with the item.

2. No item shall be placed on the wheel well of the bus;
3. Bags, packages or other items may not be left unattended at any time;
4. Drivers will not load or watch a passenger’s packages, carts or strollers, except as follows:

o Exceptions will be made for recognized ADA Mobility Devices; that device will be secured according to CATA’s securement procedures.

5. Full-size bikes are not permitted inside the bus, unless they can either be folded or maintained in the same manner as described in above;
6. Any Department of Transportation specified hazardous material, which includes gasoline and batteries, is prohibited;
7. Service animals are permitted on the bus; non-service animals are permitted only if properly muzzled or contained in an approved pet carrier;
8. Weapons for which a passenger has a carry permit must remain concealed;
9. Weapons for which a passenger does not have a carry permit are prohibited;
10. No carry on item will be permitted that poses a threat to safe vehicle operation or causes a disruption to normal operations, and;
11. CATA is not responsible for stolen, damaged, or lost carry-on items.

Adopted: 10-23-17

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