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March 2, 2017

5:00 p.m.

3075 Enterprise Drive

State College, PA 16801


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:      John Spychalski, Chairman

                                                            Joe Davidson, Vice-Chairman

                                                            Richard Kipp

                                                            Mark Parfitt

                                                            Kelly Felix


STAFF PRESENT:                             Louwana Oliva, General Manager

                                                            Eric Bernier, Director of Information Services

                                                            Ryan Harshbarger, Director of Transportation

                                                            Kimberly Fragola, Director of Finance

                                                            Liz Pierce, Director of Human Resources & Compliance

                                                            Marsha Kyper, Executive Assistant / Board Liaison



I.       Call to Order

Chairman Spychalski called the meeting to order at 5.02 p.m.


II.    Public Comment

            There was no public comment.


III. Discussion Items

1.      Long Term Financial Projections

The staff provided information on financial reserves and projected budget growth, and known impacts on the FY2017/18 budget.


2.   Long Range Staffing Plan

A graph showing the average age of CATA’s bus operators as it pertains to possible retirements and recruitment over the next five years and a five-year projected staffing plan was provided.  Staff talked about the positions being requested for next fiscal year and projected needs for the future.   


3.         Recommendation for Salary Increase – Non-represented Staff

Staff presented information on a partial salary freeze for the FY2017/18 fiscal year that differs between salary grades, the impact on the budget, and that the percent increase received below a certain salary grade would be across the board.  Consensus was that the proposed freeze above a specific salary grade, as well as the recommended salary increase for those individuals under that salary grade should be included in the draft budget.  


4.         2017/18 Budget Projections – Agency Work Plan

It was reported that the Fleet-Net software conversion and the move into the new building will continue into the next fiscal year. As a result of the staff time that will be needed to complete these projects, no new projects, other than those that must be done will be considered for the budget; each department director provided information on those projects.  


5.         Other Items – for information only

Mid-year Update

A progress report on CATA’s FY2016/17 goals and objectives as they relate to the strategic plan was provided.


IV. Adjournment

   Chairman Spychalski adjourned the meeting at 7:14 p.m.


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