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July 28, 2014

4 p.m.

State College Borough Building

Conference Room 241, 243 S. Allen Street

State College, PA 16801


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:     John Spychalski, Chairman

                                                            Richard Kipp, Treasurer

                                                            Tammy Gentzel

                                                            Tom Kurtz


EXCUSED ABSENCE:                    Joe Davidson, Vice-Chairman


STAFF PRESENT:                             Louwana Oliva, General Manager

                                                            Kimberly Fragola, Director of Administration

                                                            Ryan Harshbarger, Director of Transportation

                                                            Eric Bernier, Service Development Manager

                                                            Sylvia Rosa-Ortiz, Human Resources Manager

                                                            Joe Soloski, Financial Analyst

                                                            Marsha Kyper, Assistant to the General Manager


OTHERS PRESENT:                         Ed Roethlein, CDM Smith


I.          CALL TO ORDER

Chairman Spychalski called the meeting to order at 4:01 p.m.



There was no public comment.




A.      Approval of Minutes of June 23, 2014 Regular Board Meeting

Chairman Spychalski entertained a motion to approve the minutes of the June 23, 2014 regular board meeting.  Tammy Gentzel moved and Tom Kurtz seconded.  The motion carried unanimously.




B.     Receipt of June 2014 Finance Report


Kimberly Fragola noted that the FY 2013/14 year-end finance report is presented as a draft and will be reissued as a final version once the audit is completed.  She added that whereas the Board is accustomed to not receiving monthly finance reports for the first few months of each fiscal year, those monthly reports will be issued from this year forward, with any alterations to the prior fiscal year-end numbers appearing cumulatively in that present month.  A capital reserve account has been established using proceeds from the sale of buses, the FY unaudited numbers indicate finishing the year at 96.71% of budget, and a comparison of final numbers to the FY 2013/14 year-end projections that were prepared in January will be added to the report in response to a request from Tom Kurtz.  The line of credit for the New Flyer buses has been closed and rolled into the facility expansion line of credit to avoid fees associated with extending the maturity date since payment from PennDOT is anticipated in the near future.  Kimberly concluded by reporting that the monthly building funding report was not included in this month’s agenda packet because it is being revised to reflect changes in eligible funding sources as a result of the FTA Triennial Review.

Chairman Spychalski entertained a motion to receive the June 2014 Finance Report.  Tammy Gentzel moved and Richard Kipp seconded.  The motion carried unanimously.


C.      Receipt of June 2014 Performance Reports

Ryan Harshbarger reported that CATA had achieved a record ridership of 7.35 million for FY 2013-14; ridership per revenue hour was similar to the previous year; there was a drop in campus ridership due to the detours; the staff will check into reasons for the drop in paratransit ridership on CATA owned CATARIDE vehicles; 44 vanpool groups are currently in operation.  Ryan then provided copies of a new ridership report format based on the PennDOT Act 44 Review and reporting requirements for the federal MAP-21 legislation, described additions and changes from the existing report format and asked for feedback.  Discussion was held on the inclusion of benchmarks for preventive maintenance based on industry or our own standards.  Richard Kipp requested that for consistency, CATACOMMUTE vanpool and carpools reflect either numbers of participants or numbers of pools.    


D.     Facility Expansion – Change Order, Sink Hole Expenses and Design Review


Ed Roethlein, from CDM Smith, reported on the facility expansion final change order to the CDM Smith contract, which will cover the following items:


Bid Preparation Services

CDM Smith will prepare the final construction documents (in accordance with FTA requirements) for bidding (drawings, specifications, contract forms, and bidding requirements) based on final input and the 90% comments received from CATA and the construction manager, Gannett Fleming (GF).  





Bid and Award Services

CDM Smith will coordinate with the construction manager to log and track bidders and other plan holders; attend a pre-bid meeting, respond to questions submitted by bidders, prepare addenda as necessary to clarify the documents, and issue final conformed documents at the completion of the bid period.  CDM Smith will support CATA and GF in reviewing bids and recommending awards to the lowest responsible bidder for each prime contract.


Construction Services

CDM Smith will review, comment, and approve contractor submittals and shop drawings, mark shop drawings with comments, corrections, and/or additions, stamp, date, and sign, indicating approval or non-approval; and provide a project coordinator, with overall responsibility for all work, that will function as the design team representative during construction. The coordinator will attend progress meetings and provide design management direction on the project.


CDM Smith will respond to Request for Information (RFI) as submitted by each prime contractor; maintain project design files including correspondence, contractor submittals, permits, original contract documents, addenda, change orders, and field orders, and turn over to CATA all project file documents upon project completion.


Ed Roethlein concluded by stating that at the point that CATA releases the construction bids, GF will take the lead on the project through its completion. Louwana Oliva reported that the CDM Smith change order had been reviewed by GF to determine if the proposed cost and hours are reasonable and that there will be no duplication of services between CDM Smith and GF.


Louwana Oliva concluded by stating that the cost for the final phase of the CDM Smith contract is $680,000, which is below the 10% cost threshold set back in 2010 with the original agreement.


Action: Chairman Spychalski entertained a motion to approve the change order in the amount of $680,000 and authorize the General Manager to execute the agreement. Tom Kurtz moved and Richard Kipp seconded.  The motion carried unanimously.


Louwana Oliva went on to report that staff had determined that at the time of the procurement of emergency repair services on the sink hole in front of the building, that board approval for the design work done by CDM Smith and PennTerra had not been officially obtained. The amount paid for the completed work was $34,795.  


Action: Chairman Spychalski entertained a motion to approve the expenses paid to CDM Smith for the design work for repair of the sink hole at the corner of Research Drive and W. Whitehall Road.  Tom Kurtz moved and Richard Kipp seconded.  The motion carried unanimously.




Ed Roethlein provided a handout and review of the changes made to the building design to reduce costs, the bid deducts that will be part of the bid packages and the building construction timeline.  Louwana Oliva added that the building is within budget with the inclusion of the deducts.


Louwana Oliva reported that staff is pursuing two grants to address two of the building deducts: a Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority (PEDA) for the compressor station bid deduct and a federal Ladders of Opportunity grant, which if awarded would ensure that other important portions of the bid deducts could be retained.


This item was for information and discussion only; no formal action was requested at this time.


E.      Strategic Plan Update - Rider and Non-Rider Survey Results and Project Status   Report

Greg Kausch reported that the project management team (PMT) is making its final review of, and updates to, Chapter 2 (Current CATA Operations), and that nearly all of the remaining stakeholder interviews have been scheduled between now and the end of August, which will form the basis for Chapter 4 (Key Stakeholder Involvement).  Greg then provided a brief overview of the results of the completed rider and non-rider survey work.  


         This item was for information and discussion only; no formal action was requested at this time.  




A.      Resolution of Appreciation – Dick Meek

Chairman Spychalski referenced a copy of a resolution of appreciation which staff had prepared for driver Dick Meek, who will retire from CATA effective August 1, 2014, and entertained a motion to adopt the resolution.  Tom Kurtz moved and Tammy Gentzel seconded.  The motion carried unanimously.   


B.     Resolution to File PennDOT Consolidated Capital Application (CCA) and Certify Local Match


Kimberly Fragola referenced a copy of a PennDOT resolution to be submitted as part of the grant application for FY 2014/15 state capital funds and reported that the projects identified for this year’s application include the following which represent only the state portion of funding.



Chairman Spychalski entertained a motion to adopt the resolution and authorize its submission to PennDOT to complete the application for state capital funding.  Tom Kurtz moved and Tammy Gentzel seconded.  The motion carried unanimously.


C.     CCMPO Work Program – Memorandum of Understanding

Louwana Oliva referenced a new Memorandum of Understanding approved by PennDOT that she and CRPA Principal Transportation Planner, Tom Zilla, had developed to address the flow of money from the CCMPO back to CATA.


Louwana Oliva went on to report that as part of the strategic plan, and the latest agreement with the CCMPO, there had been plans to reimburse CATA for part of the costs of the customer and non-rider surveys, as well as for time spent by staff on the plan and other planning functions.  Due to increased funding for transit planning that the CCMPO has received for this year and next, there was also an agreement that a portion of those funds could be used for CATA staff time in planning activities.  As a result, it has been agreed that CATA will cover the entire cost of the completed survey work as the information gathered is beneficial to CATA beyond the scope of the strategic plan.


RECOMMENDED ACTION:  Chairman Spychalski entertained a motion to approve the new Memorandum of Understanding and authorize the General Manager to execute the agreement.  Tom Kurtz moved and Tammy Gentzel seconded.  The motion carried unanimously.




A.      General Manager’s Report


  Louwana Oliva reported that:


·         The audit should be complete in November and that it is planned that the auditors will attend the December Board meeting to talk about any findings.


·         PennDOT is considering requiring mid-life overhauls for all 35 and 40 foot transit buses; staff will be required to submit a plan for conducting such an overhaul.


·         A possible state-wide bus procurement will include CNG-fueled buses, but not articulated buses, which are planned for CATA’s next procurement. Staff is investigating what effect if any there would be if we split our procurement with 40-foot buses coming from the state-wide purchase, and articulated buses being procured separately.


·         As a result of not having received any responses to the RFP for CATACOMMUTE vans, staff has received approval from PennDOT to handle the RFP much like we would a large bus purchase, requesting options over a period of contract years; a workshop for interested bidders will also be held to provide instructions on the bid process.


·         Lead Supervisor, Dave Effinger, who has been deployed for military service for an extended period of time, has resigned his position at CATA. 


B.      Service Development Report

Chairman Spychalski referenced a written service development report provided at the meeting.  Eric Bernier reported that part-time money counter, Kelly Saylor, had been promoted to Customer Service Representative.


Richard Kipp left the meeting at 5:20 p.m.



The board recessed to Executive session to discuss personnel matters.



The board resumed its public session at 6:30 p.m. 


Chairman Spychalski entertained a motion to approve the hiring of a service person in the maintenance area. Tom Kurtz moved and Tammy Gentzel seconded.  The motion carried unanimously.


Discussion was then held on the need to hold an August meeting to address other urgent issues.



Chairman Spychalski declared the meeting adjourned at 6:47 p.m.



Louwana S. Oliva, Secretary