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November 28, 2011

4:00 p.m.


Conference Room 241, 243 S. Allen Street

State College, PA  16801



BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:                 John Spychalski, Chairman

                                                                        Joe Davidson, Vice-Chairman

                                                                        Richard Kipp, Treasurer

                                                                        Tom Kurtz


STAFF PRESENT:                                         Hugh Mose, General Manager

                                                                        Louwana Oliva, Assistant General Manager

                                                                        Judith Minor, Director of Administration

                                                                        Kimberly Fragola, Assistant Director of Administration

                                                                        Eric Bernier, Service Development Manager

                                                                        Jackie Sheader, Marketing Manager

                                                                        Greg Kausch, Transportation Planner

                                                                        Marsha Kyper, Assistant to the General Manager


I.          CALL TO ORDER

Chairman Spychalski called the meeting to order at 4:05 p.m.



There was no public comment.



A.             Approval of Minutes of October 24, 2011 Board Meeting

Chairman Spychalski entertained a motion to approve the October 24, 2011 Regular Board Meeting Minutes as presented.  Richard Kipp moved and Tom Kurtz seconded.  The motion carried unanimously.  


B.        October 2011 Finance Report

Judi Minor noted that an adjustment had been made to the Football Shuttle Revenue balance to account for a change in how ridership is being calculated. Hugh Mose commented on the Ridership, Paratransit, Vanpool and Fare Media Reports.  Chairman Spychalski entertained a motion to accept the October 2011 Finance Report as presented.  Tom Kurtz moved and Richard Kipp seconded.  The motion carried unanimously.


Joe Davidson arrived at this point in the meeting.



C.        Maintenance Facility Expansion

Louwana Oliva provided a status report on the Maintenance Facility expansion project, stating that the project can meet the Ferguson Township Impervious Surface Coverage limits by planning for parking on the roof.  A meeting was held with the Township staff to discuss the possibility of a zoning variance to address the area percentage that the building expansion would require.   CDM is currently working on specifications for a gas detection system to replace the current outdated system and plans for additional outdoor parking, which would utilize the grassy area along Whitehall Road in front of the existing Maintenance Facility.

Louwana Oliva reported that CDM team members will be attending the next Board meeting to present a project update, which will include cost comparisons for staying on the current site ($26 million) or moving to another location.  This item was for information and discussion only; no Board action was requested at this time.


A.        Vanpool Vans

Greg Kausch reported that funding (80% Federal, 20% State, with no local match required) has been approved through a Job Access Reverse Commute (JARC) grant in the amount of $204,000 for the purchase of up to six vanpool vans.  The JARC program is administered by PennDOT, which means that CATA is required to use a PennDOT approved procurement process.  Since PennDOT allows procurement directly from their Department of General Stores COSTARS contracts, staff is recommending that up to six new vans be purchased from COSTARS.  These new vans will be used as replacements for the aging units originally acquired in 2007.  Hugh Mose stated that the specifications for the interiors of the vans have been developed with input from current vanpool participants.


Chairman Spychalski entertained a motion to authorize the General Manager to purchase up to six (6) vanpool vans from the state procurement contract, at a price not to exceed $204,000.  Joe Davidson moved and Richard Kipp seconded.  The motion carried unanimously.


            B.        Paratransit Service Contract

Louwana Oliva reported that in September 2011, CATA released a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a firm to operate CATA’s CATARIDE paratransit program.  Although six firms, including the current contractor, Handy Delivery, registered through the CATA website or were sent the RFP, only one firm, RideRight, LLC of St. Louis, Missouri submitted a proposal.  A committee of six CATA staff members has reviewed RideRight’s submittal and determined that it is fully responsive to the terms of the solicitation.  On November 10, the staff met with representatives of RideRight and determined that the firm is well-qualified to perform the work. 


Louwana Oliva referenced her memo which provided background information on the RFP and the proposal from RideRight, LLC.  Louwana went on to report that RideRight’s current proposal includes use of a combination of CATA paratransit vehicles and two vans which RideRight would provide; RideRight is interested in and capable of coordination with county paratransit services. RideRight’s best and final offer ended up being higher than the initial proposed rates due to the addition of another vehicle, another staff person to answer phones, and an upgraded phone system, which will give RideRight the ability to provide more detailed reports on call activity.

Louwana Oliva reported that RideRight’s contract rate for the initial two year, four month period of March 1, 2012 through June 30, 2014 will be $20.64 for a single passenger, one way, and $15.74 per passenger for group trips, one way; followed by the first optional one year contract rate, from July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015, of $21.69 and $16.79 respectively, and $22.17 and $17.27 for a second optional contract year (July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016).

Chairman Spychalski entertained a motion to authorize the General Manager to enter into a two year, four month contract with RideRight, LLC of St. Louis, Missouri from March 1, 2012 through June 30, 2014 at the single passenger rate of $20.64 and group passenger rate of $15.74 with the option to extend the contract on a one year basis for two successive years.  Richard Kipp moved and Tom Kurtz seconded.  The motion carried unanimously.

C.        December Board Meeting and Work Session Date

Hugh Mose made a recommendation that the December 19, 2011 Board Meeting be cancelled due to the lack of agenda items that would require a meeting before the end of the year.  Chairman Spychalski entertained a motion to cancel the December 19, 2011Regular Board Meeting.  Joe Davidson moved and Tom Kurtz seconded.  The motion carried unanimously.


Hugh Mose went on to suggest that the Board hold a Planning Work Session on January 9.  Judi Minor suggested that the meeting be scheduled to begin at 3 p.m. instead of 4 p.m. to accommodate the inclusion of a report from the CDM project team on the Maintenance Facility expansion project in addition to the remaining agenda items. Chairman Spychalski entertained a motion to hold a Board Planning Work Session at 3 p.m. on Monday, January 9 in the Board Room at CATA’s main office.  Tom Kurtz moved and Richard Kipp seconded.  The motion carried unanimously.     


A.        General Manager’s Report

                        Hugh Mose reported that:

On November 30, staff would be making a presentation about CATA’s programs, long and short range plans, and financial situation to PennDOT officials in Harrisburg.

He would be out of the office from Wednesday, November 30 through Wednesday, December 7 to attend APTA and TCRP Committee meetings.

The possibility of outfitting each CATA Board Member with an email strictly for conducting and communicating CATA business is being explored by the RTC.

The Tom Larson Lecture will be delivered by recently retired APTA President and CEO, Bill Millar, on Tuesday, Dec. 6, at the Penn Stater.

There is no news to report from the ATA regarding Commuter Service from Clearfield to State College.

He is anticipating that the Borough of State College will appoint Tammy Gentzel as its representative to the CATA Board of Directors.  

            B.        Service Development Report

Eric Bernier referenced his memo.



Chairman Spychalski entertained a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Tom Kurtz moved and Richard Kipp seconded.  The motion carried unanimously.  The meeting was adjourned at 5:20 p.m.



The Board met in Executive Session to discuss labor contract negotiations.  


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