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FEBRUARY 22, 2010

4 PM



243 S. A                llen Street, State College, PA


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:                                       John Spychalski, Chairman

                                                                                                Joseph L. Davidson, Vice Chairman

                                                                                                Richard Kipp, Treasurer

                                                                                                Gary Powers

                                                                                                Kathryn Bittner


STAFF PRESENT:                                                               Hugh Mose, General Manager

                                                                                                Louwana Oliva, Assistant General Manager

                                                                                                Judi Minor, Director of Administration

                                                                                                Julie Hartley, Human Resource Manager

                                                                                                Greg Kausch, Transportation Planner

                                                                                                Marsha Kyper, Assistant to the General Manager


I.             CALL TO ORDER

                Chairman Spychalski called the meeting to order at 4:04 PM.


                Chairman Spychalski announced that the Board of Directors held an Executive Session on

                Friday, February 12, to discuss personnel matters.



                Prior to receiving suggestions from the public, Chairman Spychalski called on Hugh Mose to give

                a presentation regarding the proposed service enhancements for the upcoming Fiscal Year.


                Hugh Mose read a brief introduction to the public hearing including preliminary concepts for

FY 2010-2011 service enhancements which due to Budget constraints are focused on the fine tuning of existing service, especially that which has been deployed over the last several years, and not on substantial additional service due to Budget constraints.   The preliminary service enhancement concepts are noted for the record as follows:

·         NV Route (Martin/Vairo): Expansion and enhance of the afternoon service on the Outbound NV.

·         Realignment of service to take advantage of the under-utilized Schlow Library stop and West Bound side of Pattee Transit Center, in order to relieve congestion at the College and Allen and East Bound Pattee Transit Center stops.

·         G Route (Stormstown) - dividing into two routes; one to serve Grays Woods and another to serve Halfmoon Township.

·         P Route (Airport/Medical Center/Scenery Park) Service to the Airport- adjustments to better coincide with airline arrivals and departures.

·         Commuter Service Routes morning arrival times on campus: addressing the need for 7:00 and 7:30 AM arrivals.  




               Chairman Spychalski then opened the floor for public suggestions and comments regarding bus

                service improvements.  Only one individual came forward to provide input:


·         Jolly Harris, Bellefonte, PA, commented that the level of service on the X Route (Bellefonte) is excellent, and that he would like to see two stops added; one at the entrance to Amberleigh Street off the Benner Pike and the other at the corner of Stonecrest Drive and the Benner Pike.          


Chairman Spychalski reported that three comments had been received prior to the February 22, 2010 Public Hearing and noted them for the record as follows:


·         Tyler Bennington, 1864 Autumnwood Drive in Foxpointe: would like the midday S Route (Science Park) to be more conducive to those using the service who occasionally work half days (8-12 noon or 1-5 PM).


·         Ron Simpson, 450 Sierra Lane, State College, PA: would like to see CATA adopt a policy of intermediate bus stops that will pick up riders who decide to walk rather than stand to wait for buses, in order to promote physical exercise. 


·         Unidentified caller: would like CATA to consider reinstating the old R Express (Waupelani) service that traveled inbound via Pugh Street to provide more direct access to the Downtown area. 


               With no other citizens coming forward to offer comments, Chairman Spychalski closed the hearing.  


Kathryn Bittner arrived at 4:14 PM.


                There were no additional public comments.


IV.          OLD BUSINESS 

                A.     Approval of Minutes of January 25, 2010 Board Meeting

                        Chairman Spychalski entertained a motion to approve the January 25, 2010 Board Meeting

                        Minutes as presented.  Richard Kipp moved and Joe Davidson seconded.  The motion carried  



                B.     January 2010 Finance Reports

                        The January 2010 Financial Report was presented.  Judi Minor commented that expenditures  

                       for tires appear high due to receiving a backlog of invoices from Firestone and the overlap in  

                       contracts until August of 2010 and the resulting invoices from both Firestone and Goodyear.


                        Chairman Spychalski inquired whether the budget for vanpool passenger revenue would be met. 

                       Judi Minor responded that the budget for vanpool passenger revenue would not be met, because

                       the budget figures were based on higher fares, which were reduced when fuel prices declined.

                       Hugh Mose added that CATA can still expect to consistently meet the out-of-pocket costs of  

                       the vanpool program.


                       Hugh Mose commented on the slight increase in CATARIDE ridership; a small decline 

                       in individual OnePass sales (although the numbers are still ahead for the year to date); the

                       robust growth in the Penn State Ride for Five program from 754 to 805 participants; and the 

                       decline in ridership on the neighborhood routes that was probably due to the decline in gas prices  

                       (which was more than offset by ridership in the student housing corridors).  Hugh further  

                       commented that the decline in CATACOMMUTE carpool registrations from 282 to 201 was the  

                       result of a records update and that the number now more accurately reflects active carpoolers.  


                        Chairman Spychalski entertained a motion to receive the January Finance Report as presented.   

                       Gary Powers moved and Richard Kipp seconded.  With no further discussion, the motion carried  



                C.     Policy Adoption and Review

                        Julie Hartley reported that at the January Board Meeting, approval of the Life Insurance Policy 

                       was tabled in order to consider revised wording to clarify the benefit eligibility date.  Julie

                       recommended that the policy be revised to include the verbiage “from the date of hire”.


                        Chairman Spychalski entertained a motion to approve the Life Insurance Policy as revised and  

                       presented.   Kathryn Bittner motioned and Joe Davidson seconded.   The motion carried 



                        Julie Hartley then presented the following policies from CATA’s Policy Manual for the Board’s

                       review:  Scope of Coverage, ADA Reasonable Accommodation Policy, Bulletin Board Posting  

                       Policy, Cell Phone Policy, Code of Conduct Regarding Fraud and Ethical Conduct, Criminal History  

                       Records Investigations Policy, Equal Employment Practices Policy, Employment and Title VI Non-

                       Discrimination Complaint Process, Fair Labor Standards Act, Family and Medical Leave Act,  

                       Military Leave Policy, and Military Reserves or National Guard Leave Policy.               


                        Chairman Spychalski inquired about the need for a date to be included at the end of the  

                       Code of Conduct Regarding Fraud and Ethical Conduct Policy portion of the Policy Manual.  Judi

                       Minor responded that the date reflected when the policy was originally submitted to the FTA in

                       response to a Procurement Policy regulation requirement.    Chairman Spychalski requested that

                       Judi Minor and Julie Hartley prepare a recommendation for the Board’s consideration at the 

                       March meeting regarding the inclusion or deletion of that date.


                        Judi Minor requested that consideration be given to revising the Criminal History Record 

                       Investigation Policy language to require a background check for any internal applicants for  

                       promotion and/or transfer for certain positions in financial administration, if the most recent

                       check is two or more years old.  Hugh Mose requested Judi Minor and Julie Hartley prepare a 

                       recommendation for the Board’s consideration at the March meeting regarding Judi’s request.


                        Richard Kipp inquired why the Code of Conduct section included the word “secret” in front

                        of the word “commission.”  Judi Minor responded that it was wording taken directly from a  

                       federal policy document to which wording could be added, but not taken away.    


        Since these items were for review and comment only, no action was taken.


D.     FY 2010/11 Budget – Update

         Hugh Mose reported on the initial steps that the staff has taken in the development of the FY

         2010/11 CATA Budget.   Hugh stated that staff had attended meetings of both the COG Finance 

         and COG Transportation and Land Use Committees, where the possibility of fare and local share 

         increases were mentioned.  Hugh commented that there seemed to be an overall acceptance of

         the possible increases except from the Patton Township Representative, who expressed a  

         concern as to whether Patton Township could accommodate an increase this year.


         Hugh Mose stated that CATA had received a partial year Federal appropriation of $900,000 due

         to the five-month extension of SAFTEA-LU, which is in line with what was projected in CATA’s five  

         year plan.  Hugh also stated that he believes CATA can expect to see a smaller State

         appropriation than last year, but one that is in line with what was projected when the Budget

         was prepared.  Hugh also reminded the Board of the Budget Work Session scheduled for

         Thursday, March 18, 4 PM in the CATA Board Meeting Room.



V.           NEW BUSINESS

               A.     New Policies

                        Julie Hartley briefly reviewed the Clothing Policy that was presented for Board review and 

                        comment.  Joe Davidson inquired whether the policy should spell out when and where it is

                        appropriate for non-represented employees to wear CATA Branded clothing, similar to the  

                        specifications in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Chairman Spychalski stated that the policy  

                        as presented was a supplier procurement policy, and does not address when it is and is not  

                        appropriate for staff to wear CATA branded apparel.  Hugh Mose requested that Julie Hartley

                        prepare a recommendation for the Board’s consideration at the March meeting, for additional  

                        verbiage to the Clothing Policy that would address where and when it would and would not be  

                        appropriate for CATA non-represented employees to wear CATA branded clothing.


                        Julie Hartley then reviewed the Community Outreach/Internal Funding Raising policy, which

                        will be brought before the Board for adoption at the March meeting.    Julie provided a

                        brief update on the development of a Cell Phone Policy and the work of the Performance 

                        Review Committee and stated that recommended polices will be forthcoming for Board             




                A.     General Manager’s Report

                       Hugh Mose reported that earmark requests had been submitted to Representative Thompson  

                       and Senators Casey and Specter for funding for our Advanced Public Transportation Systems  

                       (APTS) Security and Safety Initiative for the purchase of security cameras that may be 

                       able to transmit “live” on-board video, two way radio upgrades and improved dispatching 



                        Hugh Mose commented that today marked the first day of Fullington Trailways’ commuter

                        bus service between Altoona and State College.   Hugh called the Boards’ attention to

                       the CATA Employee Photo Booklet that was included in their packets, and commended

                       Pegeen Sheakoski and other staff members responsible for its creation.   


                        Hugh Mose reported that the Centre Region Planning Agency will be holding a series of Public  

                       Meetings, beginning with one on Feb. 24 at the College Township Municipal Building and  

                       continuing throughout the month of March at locations in various municipalities, to receive  

                       comments for the Centre Region Comprehensive Plan update.


              B.     Service Development Report

                        In Eric Bernier’s absence, Chairman Spychalski referred to the written report that Eric had 

                       provided for the Board’s review.


VII.        Adjournment

              Chairman Spychalski entertained a motion to adjourn the meeting.   Richard Kipp moved and

              Joe Davidson seconded.  The motion carried unanimously.  The meeting was adjourned at 5:03 PM.