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March 23, 2009

4:00 PM


Borough Council Chambers, 243 S. Allen Street




BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:     John Spychalski, Chairman

                                                            Joseph L. Davidson, Vice Chairman

                                                            Richard Kipp, Treasurer

                                                            Gary Powers


BOARD MEMBER ABSENT:         Kathryn Bittner


STAFF PRESENT:                             Hugh Mose, General Manager

                                                            Judi Minor, Director of Administration

                                                            Eric Bernier, Service Development Manager

                                                            Mark Kutzer, Maintenance Manager

                                                            Jacqueline Sheader, Marketing Manager

                                                            Marsha Kyper, Assistant to the General Manager                                                                                            

                                                            Jennifer Floyd, Receptionist

                                                            Terri Quici, Rideshare Coordinator


OTHERS PRESENT:                         Theresa Lafer, State College Borough Liaison

                                                            Walter Cherwony, Abrams-Cherwony Group



I.                   CALL TO ORDER

Chairman Spychalski called the meeting to order at 4:05 p.m. Chairman Spychalski went on to note that the Board had held an Executive Session on March 11, 2009 to discuss personnel matters.  Hugh Mose then introduced the new Assistant to the General Manager, Marsha Kyper.  Chairman Spychalski announced that Kathryn Bittner would not be present, and that item B under New Business of the agenda would be moved up to between items C and D in Old Business. 


II.                PUBLIC COMMENT

There were no public comments.   


III.             OLD BUSINESS

A.     Approval of Minutes for February 23, 2009 Public Hearing and Board Meeting

Chairman Spychalski entertained a motion to approve the February 23, 2009 Public Hearing and Board Meeting minutes.  Richard Kipp moved to approve the minutes as distributed and Gary Powers seconded.  Richard Kipp noted that, under Section B of the Finance Report, the third line from the bottom should say “ Compressors are electric powered”  and Item C under New Business should say “Went on to ask the Board’s advice”.  With no further discussion, the motion carried unanimously.




B.      Receipt of February 2009 Finance Report

Chairman Spychalski entertained a motion to receive the February Finance Report as distributed.  Gary powers moved, and Joe Davidson seconded the motion.  Judi Minor commented on the February Finance Report, noting several points of interest.  Joe Davidson questioned an auto body repair entry for $6100 in the Report.  Mark Kutzer responded that this was due to a CENTRE RIDE van accident in which the insurance company paid CATA, and then CATA paid for the repairs. 


Hugh Mose gave an update on ridership, and noted that CENTRE LINE and LOOP/LINK ridership was virtually flat.  Hugh went on to note that there has been an increase in sales of Ride for Five passes, but a dip in One Pass sales.  Hugh added that all sales are up year to date.  He said that CENTRE COMMUTE ridership has increased slightly, and will be more economical with the arrival of new vans.  With no further discussion, the motion carried unanimously. 


C.     Policy Adoption

Hugh Mose noted that there were some minor changes in the language regarding the policy for criminal history checks for internal promotions.  Due to lack of clarification concerning this language, Chairman Spychalski recommended that the issue be tabled until the next Board Meeting when Julie Hartley will be present.  Joe Davidson moved to adopt all policies except the noted criminal history check policy, which will be acted upon at the next Board Meeting, and Gary Powers seconded the motion.  With no further discussion, the motion carried unanimously. 


D.    Bid Award – Vanpool Vans

Terri Quici commented on the bid award for vanpool vans, noting several points of interest.  Terri noted that the new vans will be “up fitted” with additional safety features and more comfortable seating.  Joe Davidson asked for clarifications on these enhancements and Terri addressed his concerns individually.  Chairman Spychalski entertained a motion to authorize the General Manager to award a contract to Accubuilt, Inc. for the purchase of up to eleven vanpool vans at a price of $29,812 per van, not to exceed $327,929.  Gary Powers moved, and Richard Kipp seconded the motion.  Joe Davidson asked how soon we will receive the vans, and Terri Quici answered 45 days.  With no further discussion, the motion carried unanimously. 


E.     CATA/Centre County Office of Transportation (CCOT) Study

Walter Cherwony from the Abrams-Cherwony Group gave a presentation of the draft report for Task I of the assessment to examine the operations of CATA and the Centre County Office of Transportation.  Mr. Cherwony provided a copy of the report which was included with agenda materials and answered Board and staff questions concerning the report.  Since this was an information item only, no board action was taken.


IV.             NEW BUSINESS

A.     FY 2009/2010 DRAFT Budget

Judi Minor commented on the FY 2009/2010 DRAFT Budget, noting several points of interest and changes.  Judi said the largest change was regarding state grants, as PENNDOT recently notified CATA that there would be no change in the grant amount for the upcoming year. Joe Davidson went on to ask Ms. Minor several questions regarding the Budget, and she explained the Budget in further detail.   Joe Davidson moved that the FY 2009/2010 DRAFT Budget be adopted as distributed by the staff, and Gary Powers seconded the motion.  With no further discussion, the motion carried unanimously. 




B.     Resolution Certifying Local Match

Chairman Spychalski entertained a motion to adopt the resolution which certifies the local match for FY 2009/2010 State Operating Grant.  Gary Powers moved and Joe Davidson seconded the motion.  With no further discussion, the motion carried unanimously. 


C.     Service Planning Update

Eric Bernier provided an update on the progress that the staff has made in developing candidate route and schedule realignments in the North Atherton and Circleville Road corridors, as well as other service changes proposals for this coming fall.  Joe Davidson asked about costs for these planned changes. Hugh Mose and Judi Minor explained how the costs involved will be estimated.  Chairman Spychalski asked a question about tripper buses, and Eric Bernier explained the service plan in greater detail. 


V.                OTHER BUSINESS

A.     General Manager’s Report

Hugh Mose provided the Board with a bi-weekly report and noted several points of interest.  Hugh noted that the Delta Development Group and Penn State both applied for the same earmark funding as CATA.  Joe Davidson asked about this funding, and Hugh Mose explained it in further detail.  Theresa Lafer asked what particular funding source was being discussed, and Hugh Mose answered that is was Section 5309 of the Federal Transit Act. 


B.     Service Development Report

Eric Bernier provided a written report in the Board packets.  


VI.             ADJOURNMENT

Chairman Spychalski called for a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Gary Powers moved and Richard Kipp seconded.  The motion carried unanimously, and the meeting was adjourned at 5:45 PM.