September 24, 2007
4:00 PM
Room 241, 243 S. Allen Street, State College, PA
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John Spychalski, Chairman
Joseph L. Davidson, Vice Chairman
Richard Kipp, Treasurer
Gary Powers
Kathryn Bittner

Hugh Mose, General Manager
Joseph Gilbert, Director of Transportation
Sherry Snyder, Asst. Director of Transportation
Jacqueline Sheader, Marketing Manager
Amanda Jones, Asst. Director of Administration
Judith Minor, Director of Administration
Eric Bernier, Manager Service Development
Deanne Brunner, Receptionist

Chairman Spychalski called the meeting to order at 4:05 PM.



A. Approval of August 27, 2007 Board Meeting
Chairman Spychalski entertained a motion to approve the minutes. Richard Kipp moved to approve the minutes of the August 27, 2007 Board meeting. Joe Davidson seconded.

Richard Kipp suggested that under Public Comments, the last sentence should read “move forward with consideration of regional commuter bus service”. All were in favor. With no further discussion, the motion carried unanimously.

B. Receipt of the June, July, and August 2007 Financial Reports
Chairman Spychalski entertained a motion to receive the financial reports. Joe Davidson moved to receive the June, July and August 2007 Financial Reports. Kathryn Bittner seconded.

Judi Minor discussed items such as fuel tax credits and the decrease in revenue as a result of the Hearthside Nursing Home purchasing their own van for trips that were formerly taken on Centre Ride. Joe Davidson asked for an update on Advertising Revenue. Jackie Sheader said that she has talked with Morgan Signs and found the cost of producing the signs are often more than people are willing to purchase for a month’s worth of advertising on the buses. Ms. Sheader indicated that she receives several inquiries a week that she refers to Morgan Signs. Eric Bernier and Ms. Sheader indicated their awareness of the revenue decline. Mr. Mose reported that ridership is still up on Centre Line and down on LOOP and LINK services as well as paratransit.

Ms. Minor next discussed the July and August Financial Reports, indicating that August is a draft and that a final copy will be available at the October meeting. Ms. Minor stated that the Board will note some new line item changes due to Act 44 funding. With no further discussion, Chairman Spychalski called for a vote and the motion passed unanimously.

C. Policy Review and Adoption
Mr. Mose stated that each year the annual review begins with the Sunshine Act, Articles of Agreement and By-Laws. Chairman Spychalski noted a typographical error in which the word “board” was misspelled, and also requested that a review date be added to each document.

Chairman Spychalski entertained a motion to adopt the Tuition Policy as amended. Kathryn Bittner moved to adopt the Tuition Policy. Richard Kipp seconded. Amanda Jones explained that the recommended Tuition Policy would include all staff as being eligible, and that as much the policy will be moved to the Policy Manual. Joe Davidson suggested that the policy be more specific as to who approves the tuition reimbursement and suggested it say “Human Resources Department”. All were in favor. With no further discussion, the motion carried unanimously.

Chairman Spychalski then entertained a motion to adopt the Bulletin Board Policy. Richard Kipp moved to adopt the Bulletin Board Policy. Kathryn Bittner seconded. Joe Davidson asked if there had been an incident that required staff to create this policy. Ms. Jones indicated that there have been several small ones over the years but thought it was appropriate to have this policy as a follow up to training. With no further discussion, the motion carried unanimously.


A. Resolution to Amend the Application for FY 2007/2008 State Operating Assistance Grant
Chairman Spychalski entertained a motion to adopt the Resolution. Gary Powers moved to adopt the Resolution to Amend the Application for FY 2007/2008 State Operating Assistance Grant. Kathryn Bittner seconded. After brief discussion, the motion carried unanimously.

B. Marketing and Public Relations Projects
Jackie Sheader provided the Board with a memo that outlined suggested marketing projects, using anticipated Act 44 funding. She shared her ideas on rebranding, promotional materials, business apparel, community awareness, and updating the online streaming video, after which there was lengthy discussion with regard to rebranding of the current 20-year-old logo. The Board expressed its support of Ms. Sheader proceeding with these projects.


A. General Manager’s Report
Mr. Mose introduced Deanne Brunner, CATA’s Receptionist who is filling in for Terri Quici while she travels to Pittsburgh for a meeting. Mr. Mose indicated that the staff is very close to hiring a new Executive Assistant, too. Mr. Mose reported that Jackie Sheader and Eric Bernier attended Dr. Spanier’s address to the CBICC, in which he favorably mentioned CATA. Chairman Spychalski asked how the AVAIL project was proceeding. Eric Bernier explained that our schedules are the most complex that AVAIL has ever worked with and that CATA is the first to use wireless data transmissions, both of which have increased the learning curve and provided a few additional challenges. Joe Davidson asked when CATA would be invoiced for the project. Mr. Mose stated that they are paid as certain phases are completed and a final payment would be made once we sign off that the program works exactly as specified.

B. Service Development Report
Mr. Bernier indicated that there was nothing new to add to his report that was provided in the Board packets.

Chairman Spychalski called for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Joe Davidson moved to adjourn the meeting. Gary Powers seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 5:12 PM.

The Board reconvened in Executive Session to discuss personnel matters.