August 27, 2007
4:00 PM
Room 241, 243 S. Allen Street, State College, PA
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John Spychalski, Chairman
Joseph L. Davidson, Vice Chairman
Richard Kipp, Treasurer
Gary Powers
Kathryn Bittner

Hugh Mose, General Manager
Joseph Gilbert, Director of Transportation
Sherry Snyder, Asst. Director of Transportation
Jacqueline Sheader, Marketing Manager
Terri Quici, Executive Assistant

Craig Humphrey, State College Borough Liaison
Greg Kausch, CRPA Sr. Transportation Planner
Lynn Herman, Patton Township
Bob Colton, CATA Retiree, and fiancée Sandy Gray

Chairman Spychalski called the meeting to order at 4:05 PM.

Lynn Herman, former State Representative, asked whether the Philipsburg area will now receive any regional bus service. Hugh Mose stated that with funding received through new state legislation, staff can now move forward with regional commuter bus service, and that it would take about a year to get that set up.


A. Approval of June 25, 2007 Board Meeting
Chairman Spychalski entertained a motion to approve the minutes. Joe Davidson moved to approve the minutes of the June 25, 2007 Board meeting. Gary Powers seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

B. Receipt of the June and July 2007 Financial Reports
Chairman Spychalski announced that staff is waiting for the final audit to be received before finalizing the June Financial Report. June, July and August Financial Reports should be available at the September Board meeting.

C. Natural Gas Dryer Contract Award
Hugh Mose stated that the Board had authorized execution of a contract to purchase two CNG compressors back in March. At that time, staff did not request authorization for the gas dryer due to unresolved Buy America issues. Mr. Mose stated that since that time, a domestically produced natural gas dryer has become available at a cost about $22,000 more than initially discussed. In a bi-weekly memo to the Board on July 18th, Mr. Mose notified the Board that the issues had been resolved and he planned to go ahead and execute the contract. Mr. Mose asked that the Board confirm its approval of the contract with ANGI International LLC for the purchase of a natural gas dryer at the price of $279,655.

Joe Davidson moved that the Board confirm its approval to purchase the natural gas dryer. Richard Kipp seconded. The motion carried unanimously.


A. Annual Policy Review Schedule
Mr. Mose stated that a schedule was included in the Board packets which outlines a review of CATA’s Articles of Agreement, By-Laws, Pennsylvania’s Sunshine Law, and policies contained in the Personnel and Policy Manuals. Mr. Mose noted that since the Board had reviewed these policies over the past two years, the policies are in larger groups this year as minimal changes are expected.

Chairman Spychalski entertained a motion to adopt the Annual Policy Review Schedule. Richard Kipp moved to adopt the schedule. Kathryn Bittner seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

B. Resolution of Appreciation – Robert Colton
Directly after receiving Public Comments, Chairman Spychalski recognized Bob Colton with appreciation for his 30 years of service at CATA. Chairman Spychalski entertained a motion to adopt the Resolution of Appreciation for Robert Colton. Richard Kipp moved to adopt the Resolution. Joe Davidson seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

Chairman Spychalski read the Resolution of Appreciation and presented it to Mr. Colton. Chairman Spychalski also noted that Mr. Colton will begin his retirement with a happy occasion and announced his upcoming marriage to Sandy Gray, who also attended the meeting. Mr. Colton thanked everyone. Chairman Spychalski then resumed order under Old Business on the agenda.

C. State Transit Funding Update
Hugh Mose explained in detail Act 44 of 2007 (Public Transportation Program), stating that it is quite complicated both on the revenue side and on the funds allocation side.

Mr. Mose stated that a new Public Transportation Trust Fund has been created, which is comprised of five elements. Mr. Mose also noted that the new operating assistance program and future increases in existing sources of operating funds are allocated by a new four-factor formula. There are also formula and discretionary capital accounts and a provision for funding Programs of Statewide Significance. Mr. Mose provided a three-page outline that described how the funding will flow and a two-page listing of the allocations to transit systems and the state. Discussion continued regarding operating and capital funding for CATA and what to expect.

With new funding, Mr. Mose suggested that staff first look at (capital) funding for continued bus refurbishment, Phase II of the APTS initiative; and additional vans for the vanpool program; and (operating) funding to enhance marketing and public relations initiatives, tripper service, and deferred maintenance projects. Mr. Mose stated that staffing is adequate for this year; however, he suggested that consideration should be given to adding positions such as a custodian and an Executive Services Director in the next budget year.

Kathryn Bittner thanked Mr. Mose for putting the information in a format that was easy to understand. Chairman Spychalski also thanked Mr. Mose for all of his efforts throughout the year representing CATA in Harrisburg. Joe Davidson asked who will oversee the funding. Mr. Mose stated that PENNDOT will require documentation to justify continued/increased funding.


A. General Manager’s Report
Mr. Mose stated that old bus signs are for sale and Board members can contact either Terri Quici or him if they are interested. Terri Quici stated that she is coordinating a logo shirt and hat sale in which proceeds will benefit the United Way. Order forms were provided to Board members. Mr. Mose announced that Jackie Sheader’s APTA scholarship was renewed this year for another $5000. Mr. Mose reported that he received a message early that morning that the Hydrogen Bus’s starter had failed and would need to be replaced. Joe Gilbert stated that there will be a Drug and Alcohol Program audit near the end of September and he is getting ready for that visit. Mr. Mose also reported that CNG prices have been very low and that 50% of January and February 2008 were bought well below budget.

B. Service Development Report
Mr. Mose noted that Eric Bernier was not able to attend the Board meeting because he is busy providing apartment passes at one of the complexes. Mr. Mose reported that Eric is also working on replacing Infopost inserts and updating the website, both of which are far ahead of schedule this year.

Chairman Spychalski called for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Gary Powers moved to adjourn the meeting. Kathryn Bittner seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 5:24 PM.

No Executive Session was held.