June 5, 2006
4:00 PM
Room 241, 243 S. Allen Street
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John Spychalski, Chairman
Joe Davidson, Vice-Chairman
Richard Kipp, Treasurer
Gary Powers
Kathryn Bittner

Hugh Mose, General Manager
Judith Minor, Director of Administration
Joe Gilbert, Director of Operations
Eric Bernier, Service Development Manager
Jacqueline Sheader, Marketing Manager
Terri Quici, Executive Assistant

Craig Humphrey, State College Borough Liaison


Chairman Spychalski called the Special Meeting to order at 4:05 PM, noting that this meeting replaces the Regular Board Meetings of May 22 and June 26. Chairman Spychalski also announced that the Board had met in Executive Session on 4/27/06, 5/4/06, and 6/1/06 to discuss personnel issues.


Chairman Spychalski opened the hearing and called for comment from the public. When no one came forward to speak, Chairman Spychalski closed the public hearing.




A. Approval of Minutes of April 24, 2006 Regular Board Meeting
Chairman Spychalski entertained a motion to approve the minutes. Craig Humphrey noted a change on page 2, D, 2nd paragraph in which “Mr.” should be “Ms”. Richard Kipp moved to approve the minutes of the April 24, 2006 Regular Board Meeting with correction as noted. Kathryn Bittner seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

B. Receipt of April 2006 Finance Reports
Chairman Spychalski entertained a motion to receive the April 2006 Finance Report. Joe Davidson moved to receive the April 2006 Finance Report as presented. Richard Kipp seconded.

Judi Minor reported that Farebox and OnePass revenues continue to be over budget, advertising will not make budget, federal operating assistance had been received, and the flex funding had been released by PENNDOT. Ms. Minor referred to the 5-page FINAL Budget for better information about how CATA is doing financially.

Hugh Mose reported that average ridership is still up slightly, but paratransit ridership has been down over the past couple of months. Mr. Mose stated that OnePass sales are up for the month and YTD, and tokens are sharply down this month but still up YTD. Ms. Minor noted that Penn State purchases tokens to sell on campus, but this stops at this time of the year; thus the drop in token purchases.

With no further discussion, Chairman Spychalski called for a vote. The motion passed unanimously.

C. Adoption of FY 2006/2007 FINAL BUDGET
Chairman Spychalski entertained a motion to adopt the FY 2006/2007 FINAL Budget. Gary Powers moved that the Board adopt the FY 2006/2007 FINAL Budget. Richard Kipp seconded.

Referring to the five-page FINAL Budget, Hugh Mose stated that the Board had already received the full budget packet. Mr. Mose said that this was the smoothest budget process he has experienced and that local shares had been approved without any questions at the General Forum. Mr. Mose thanked staff for each of their contributions. Chairman Spychalski also thanked staff for their work and Craig Humphrey for the State College Borough’s support. Mr. Humphrey stated that he was impressed that CATA is ranked third in the state for passengers carried.

With no further discussion, the motion carried unanimously.

D. FY 2006/2007 Service Plan Update
Eric Bernier stated that he had provided to the Board a detailed memo outlining the proposed changes. Mr. Bernier again briefly explained the changes on the LOOP/LINK, X, N, R, V, K, S, H, and W Routes. Mr. Bernier noted a change on the M route in which service will be extended one hour on Sunday evenings to accommodate requests made from those employed at shops near the Mall. Mr. Bernier also noted minor route changes near Sterns Crossing (Houserville area) and Springfield Commons (Boalsburg area) in which road developments have created better options.

Joe Davidson moved that the Board approve the planned service changes and direct staff to finalize the details necessary to implement them, effective with the start of Fall Semester 2006. Gary Powers seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

E. Policy Review and Adoption
Kathryn Bittner moved to adopt the policy reviewed in April (Workers Compensation) as amended. Gary Powers seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

Ms. Minor provided an overview of the Modified/Alternate Duty Return to Work for Work-Related Injury/Illness and the ADA Reasonable Accommodation policies that were included in the Board packets. Kathryn Bittner stated that she thought previous discussions noted that references to “Human Resources Manager” were to be changed to “Human Resources”. Mr. Mose agreed and said that this change in the Modified/Alternate Duty Return to Work for Work-Related Injury/Illness policy apparently was overlooked. Mr. Powers suggested some rewording under the ADA Reasonable Accommodation policy, Essential Job Functions, deleting “for which the job exists” and then re-wording the sentence.

F. Bus Stop Sign Project Update
Hugh Mose stated that this project had been introduced at the last meeting and that the Board had voiced some suggestions for sign design. Mr. Mose noted that three additional samples were included in this month’s Board packet. Jackie Sheader stated that the new samples have bolder text, wording has been placed up the side of the sign to fill-in white space, and the size has been increased to 18”x18”.

Joe Davidson moved to adopt sign “A” (website name on the side and telephone number on the bottom) as the standard bus stop sign. Gary Powers seconded. Ms. Sheader stated that the Board’s selection and the staff recommendation are the same. Eric Bernier stated that an overall bus stop policy has been developed and the evaluation of every bus stop location has begun. Chairman Spychalski cautioned that when determining the best location of the bus stop sign, the people walking to the stop versus living right on the route should be given consideration. Mr. Bernier assured Chairman Spychalski that this is a definite consideration during the evaluation.

With no further discussion, Chairman Spychalski called for a vote. The motion carried unanimously.


A. Service Standards for FY 2006/2007
Chairman Spychalski entertained a motion to adopt the PENNDOT-approved Service Standards for FY 2006/2007. Richard Kipp moved to adopt the Service Standards for FY 2006/2007 and their submission to PENNDOT. Kathryn Bittner seconded.

Eric Bernier stated that the shaded areas in the last column of the report are the proposed goals that are different from FY 2005/2006. Mr. Bernier conveyed that he received approval from PENNDOT last week and the remaining step was for the Board to formally adopt them.

With no further discussion, the motion carried unanimously.

B. Resolution Approving Request for Dedicated and Supplemental Public Transportation Assistance Funds Under Act 26 of 1991 and Act 3 of 1997
Chairman Spychalski entertained a motion to adopt the Resolution to Request Supplemental Public Transportation Assistance Funds Under Act 26 and Act 3 for FY 2006/2007. Gary Powers moved to adopt the Resolution. Richard Kipp seconded. Ms. Minor provided a brief summary of the request. With no further discussion, Chairman Spychalski called for a vote. The motion carried unanimously.

C. Marketing Plan FY 2006/2007
Jackie Sheader introduced the Marketing Plan for FY 2006/2007 as an internal document that provides a “roadmap” that she follows throughout the year. Ms. Sheader noted that highlights of this year’s plan include the start up of a Transit Coalition, an Annual Report for distribution in the fall, a specific budget for marketing of public transit due to gas price increases, general awareness advertising as requested by various municipalities, and an internal Customer Service Plan.

Discussion continued regarding the Smart Commute and Bus Buddy program initiatives. Chairman Spychalski thanked Ms. Sheader for her hard work in putting together the document.

D. Centre Ride Contract FY 2006/2007
Joe Gilbert explained that Centre Ride provides ADA complementary Paratransit and Shared-Ride services and that a contract was signed in 2003 that provided for up to four one-year extentions. Mr. Gilbert stated that it is staff’s recommendation to extend the contract for the 3rd year. Mr. Gilbert further stated that the contract would include a surcharge for gasoline purchases over $2.50 per gallon and a $.14 increase per trip for ambulatory riders. Joe Davidson asked if the FY 2006/2007 budget was sufficient to absorb the increase. Judi Minor stated it was prepared in February with a slight increase and would be adequate.

Joe Davidson moved to authorize the General Manager to extend the current contract with Handy Delivery, beginning July 1, 2006 and ending June 30, 2007, with rates of $9.09 per ambulatory and $13.70 per non-ambulatory passenger, and a cost surcharge based on mileage when the price exceeds $2.50 per gallon. Kathryn Bittner seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

E. Legal Services – Letter of Engagement
Hugh Mose stated that he has been evaluating how well CATA’s needs have been met since Bob
Martin joined McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC, and he is of the opinion that staying with Attorney Martin is in the best interest of CATA. Mr. Mose reported the hourly rate will increase from $130 to $165 but felt this is still within reason and well below Mr. Martin’s regular rate of $250 per hour. Mr. Mose also noted that the Letter of Engagement is for a one-year period and would need to be renewed annually.

Richard Kipp asked if the termination clause is standard. Judi Minor affirmed that it is with “reasonable notice”. Joe Davidson asked if the rate increase was budgeted for FY 2006/2007. Judi Minor stated that legal services is budgeted as a lump sum amount under professional services and should be adequate.

Gary Powers moved to accept the Legal Services Engagement Letter from McNees Wallace and Nurick LLC, dated March 31, 2006, and authorize the General Manager to convey this acceptance to Bob Martin on their behalf. Richard Kipp seconded. The motion carried unanimously.


A. General Manager’s Report
Hugh Mose announced that CATA would participate in “Dump the Pump” Day on June 8th. Jackie Sheader stated that this is an APTA sponsored event and that about 40 transit systems across the nation are participating. Ms. Sheader said that CATA will advertise with posters around the community, on radio and in newspapers.

Mr. Mose next reported that the Hydrogen Bus Project is progressing and that the bus was towed to CATA so that work requiring the bus to be placed on a lift could continue. Mr. Mose stated that Jackie Sheader is working on the decals for the bus and that all the retrofits are expected to be completed by the end of summer.

Mr. Mose stated that CMAQ (Congestion Management Air Quality) funds had been requested through the MPO. Mr. Mose indicated that it looked positive that we’ll receive some funding to start up a vanpool program, to implement a fare buy-down program, and to make some service enhancements to the W Route.

Mr. Mose stated that the APTA Board Member Seminar is in Montreal this year from July 22-25. Mr. Mose will provide additional information to Board members for their consideration.

Mr. Mose also announced that staff will be interviewing for drivers and a mechanic, and that Greg Kausch, from the Beaver County Transit Authority, will be the new Planner to replace Tim Geibel. Mr. Mose said that Greg will start on August 1st.

B. Service Development Report
In addition to the monthly report provided in the Board packet, Eric Bernier updated the Board on the APTS project. Mr. Bernier stated that the RFP had been finalized and mailed to those interested, and it includes Dispatch hardware, the GPS communications system, and the on-board mobile data terminals. Mr. Bernier noted that the deadline to receive the bids is tomorrow (6/6/06) and that hopefully a recommendation can be made at the July 24th meeting.

With no further business to discuss, Chairman Spychalski entertained a motion to adjourn the meeting. Gary Powers moved to adjourn the meeting at 5:33 PM. Kathryn Bittner seconded. The motion carried unanimously.


The Board recessed to Executive Session to discuss personnel matters.