January 26, 2004
4:00 PM
Conference Room 241, 243 S. Allen Street

John Spychalski, Chairman
Don Sherman, Vice-Chairman
Richard Kipp, Treasurer
Joe Davidson
Gary Powers

Hugh Mose, General Manager
Joseph Gilbert, Director of Transportation
Judith Minor, Director of Administration
Eric Bernier, Service Development Manager
Terri Quici, Executive Assistant

Craig Humphrey, State College Borough Liaison
Tim Geibel, CRPA, Transportation Planner

Chairman Spychalski called the meeting to order at 4:09 PM and welcomed Craig Humphrey as the newly designated State College Borough Liaison to the Board. Congratulations were also given by Chairman Spychalski to Joe Davidson for his re-appointment to the Board.


A. Election of Officers for 2004
Chairman Spychalski entertained a motion to receive nominations for the election of officers for 2004. Gary Powers moved that the following be considered: John Spychalski, Chairman; Donald Sherman, Vice-Chairman; Richard Kipp, Treasurer; Judith Minor, Asst. Treasurer; and Hugh Mose, Secretary. Joe Davidson seconded the motion. There being no other nominations, Chairman Spychalski called for a vote, and the motion passed unanimously.



A. Approval of November 24, 2003 Board Minutes
Chairman Spychalski entertained a motion to approve the minutes as distributed. Don Sherman moved to approve the minutes of the November 24, 2003 Board meeting. Richard Kipp seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

B. Approval of Minutes of December 15, 2003 Work Session
Joe Davidson moved to approve the minutes of the December 15, 2003 Work Session. Gary Powers seconded. Chairman Spychalski indicated a correction on page 3, last sentence at the bottom, in which the word “shuttle” should be “shuffle.” With this correction, the motion carried unanimously.

C. Finance Reports
Judi Minor provided revisions to pages 1 and 2 for December 2003 and a new Balance Sheet. Judi indicated that the Expense pages are unchanged, only that LOOP revenues had been omitted initially. Judi further stated that we are half way through the fiscal year and we are ahead on revenues and under on expenditures, so we are in good financial shape. Discussion continued regarding Fare Box revenues. Richard Kipp moved to receive the November and December 2003 Finance Reports. Don Sherman seconded. The motion was carried unanimously.

D. Schlow Library Transit Center Agreement
Hugh stated that he and Judi have been working with the staff of the Library and the Borough, who will be the banker for the project. A Draft Agreement that Judi has prepared identifies nine or ten areas where both sides understand and agree to the receipt of federal dollars by CATA, the proper accounting and reimbursement, etc. Chairman Spychalski asked if Bob Martin had reviewed the document. Judi confirmed that he did review it.

Chairman Spychalski entertained a motion to approve the draft agreement. Joe Davidson moved that the Board approve the Draft Agreement between CATA and Schlow Memorial Library and authorize the General Manager to execute a final agreement so long as it is substantially the same. Gary Powers seconded.

Joe Davidson referred to the second page, paragraph 9 and asked if it could be changed to say “no later than”. Judi agreed and said that there might be some other minor changes. Joe Davidson also requested that the agreement be officially recorded. Judi indicated she would send it to him as Recorder of Deeds. Hugh expressed his appreciation for Judi’s work on this project. Judi explained that this is a big undertaking with many facets as a federal project. Hugh said that the Library had retained Mr. Schwab to help with the project management, but they have no one with pre-construction experience, so Judi is helping. Chairman Spychalski called for a vote and the motion carried unanimously.


A. Resolution Authorizing Filing of FY 2003/04 Federal Formula Assistance Grant
Judi indicated that CATA needs to file for federal operating and/or capital funds yearly and the Board needs to authorize staff to prepare and submit the grant. Hugh indicated that although funding estimates are still uncertain, staff expects to program the entire allocation for operating assistance, as shown in the FY 2003/04 budget document. Joe Davidson moved to adopt the resolution authorizing the filing of the FY 2003/04 Federal Formula Assistance Grant. Richard Kipp seconded. Hugh further commented that we are close to having the President sign the new Appropriations Bill, which contains the same CATA allocation as last year or slightly higher. The motion carried unanimously.

B. PENNDOT Research & Development Grant Agreement
Tim Geibel explained that he and Eric Bernier have worked with Avail Technologies in submitting a grant application for funds to improve our ridership data collection systems. Eric and Tim presented the application to PENNDOT, and in December CATA was awarded $60,000. Tim requested the Board to authorize the Chairman to sign the resolution. Tim stated that Notice to Proceed should be received by the end of the month. Tim further noted that Avail has indicated a 3-5 month project schedule, so CATA should start to see results by fall. This technology would enable CATA to place ridership data on the website and send reports to staff automatically. Eric noted that the grant will automate some of the functions of gathering ridership data that staff do manually now on a routine basis. Hugh added that the award is actually greater than the application originally requested. Tim stated that he hoped this project will develop technologies that can be used across the state. Richard Kipp moved to authorize the Chairman to sign the Technical Assistance Grant Agreement. Gary Powers seconded. The motion was carried unanimously.

C. CATA Emergency Response Plan
Hugh introduced the document and stated that while this isn’t a policy matter that typically comes to the Board, he thought that the Board might enjoy the opportunity to review it. Hugh stated that he asked Tim to manage this project, and he had done so with gusto. Tim noted that he began the project last April; he conducted interviews with staff, reviewed other agencies’ plans and then incorporated the relevant ideas to make it functional. Tim feels the project is only half-done, indicating that the review is ongoing and the final document will be adjusted accordingly. Tim said that he will add documents and diagrams, discuss at staff meetings, and come back to the Board with updates periodically.

Don Sherman commented that it was a thorough job and he was impressed with the document. Joe Davidson asked Tim to add the Boalsburg Fire Company contact information and to include them in the distribution. Gary Powers asked if there will be orientation and training internally to staff. Tim stated that once the plan is adopted copies will be distributed, but that actual training of staff on the manual is still being discussed. Chairman Spychalski noted that there are railroad crossings in the CATA service area and requested Tim to add the railroad company phone number to the contact list. Chairman Spychalski also said to Tim that he had done an excellent job. Tim mentioned that he and Hugh want to share this plan with other transit agencies. He also indicated that Sherry Snyder will probably include the document with driver training this summer.

Don Sherman moved that the Board adopt the Emergency Response Plan as amended and with updates as needed. Gary Powers seconded. Richard Kipp asked who would receive distribution. Tim stated that it would go to the Emergency Management Coordinator, the Alpha and Boalsburg Fire Companies, as well as staff. The motion carried unanimously.

D. Adoption of Board Meeting Calendar
Joe Davidson moved that the Board adopt the proposed 2004 Board Meeting Schedule as presented, with the addition of January 24, 2005. Richard Kipp seconded. The motion was carried unanimously.

E. Bus Procurement – Mini-Buses
Joe Gilbert stated that staff recently opened bids for the purchase of two (2) CNG Mini-Buses. Five (5) packages were sent out and three (3) responses were received. The apparent low bidder is Bus Service, Inc., of Pickerington, Ohio. Chairman Spychalski asked if any staff have seen their product. Joe stated that no one had actually seen the buses, but that they have a steel body, not fiberglass. Hugh added that they are manufactured by Goshen Coach, a large manufacturer of cut-aways. Judi noted that the Board should also indicate that the award is pending receipt of the bidder’s performance bond and insurance certificate.

Joe Davidson moved that the Board authorize the General Manager to award a contract for two (2) Compressed Natural Gas Powered Mini-Buses to Bus Service, Inc, at a price of $71,500 each, pending receipt of the performance bond and insurance certificate. Richard Kipp seconded. The motion was carried unanimously.

F. FY 2003/04 Budget Timetable
Hugh noted that the timetable is relatively the same as past years’ schedules and that it is required by the Authority’s By-Laws. Don Sherman moved to adopt the FY 2004/05 Budget Timetable as presented. Richard Kipp seconded. The motion was carried unanimously.

Don Sherman asked if the March Work Session date could be determined at this time. The date chosen was March 11, 2004 at 4:00 PM in the CATA Board Room.

Richard Kipp moved that March 11, 2004 be added to the Budget Timetable. Gary Powers seconded. The motion was carried unanimously.

G. CCMPO Unified Planning Work Program
Tim Geibel stated that every year the CCMPO adopts a Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) for the next fiscal year. It is an extensive document, so only the transit section of the document has been provided. Tim outlined the items that have implications for CATA. Don Sherman asked who provided the local funds. Judi said that CATA pays MPO dues which help support the local share of funding. Chairman Spychalski noted that Section 2.B. alludes to the Altoona corridor, and asked if it could be expanded to include regional commuter concerns. Hugh indicated that he believes that over the next year we will work with AMTRAN and PENNDOT to develop such services. Joe Davidson moved that the CATA Board endorse the transit portion of the UPWP, including regional commuter concerns, and recommend its adoption by the CCMPO Coordinating Committee. Richard Kipp seconded. The motion carried unanimously.


A. General Manager’s Report
Hugh extended congratulations to Joe Davidson on behalf of the staff for his re-appointment to the Board. Hugh stated that he will be traveling to California Thursday afternoon and will return on Tuesday next week.

Hugh mentioned that the articulated bus on loan from the Port Authority Transit in Pittsburgh will be around for another week or so, and the comments so far are very positive from both drivers and riders. Joe Gilbert said that it has been used on the Blue and White LOOPS and later in the week will be on the N, R, and V Routes. Joe said that the staff has been pleasantly surprised with how it managed within the CATA facilities.

Hugh indicated that one thing that didn’t work well recently was a sprinkler pipe that froze and caused water damage in Joe’s office. It appears that the insulation around the soffit was moved or fell and the large volume of cold air froze the pipe. Joe commented that it may have been a problem brewing from past years. Hugh further noted that building heating continues to be a challenge. Hugh stated that Bob Colton and Joe continue to work on it, as the inner rooms are too warm while the exterior and open areas are cool.

Hugh mentioned two events: the PPTA Legislative Affairs Conference on 2/10/04; and the CATA Elected Officials Breakfast on 2/11/04 at 7:30 AM. Hugh stated that he hopes the Board members’ schedules will allow them to come.

Hugh stated that he had received a notice today that State Transit Assistance Funds of approximately $50,000 have been put back in the final State Budget.

And finally, Hugh noted that a new Maintenance Supervisor had been hired. Bob Sprankle, one of CATA’s top mechanics for the past five years or so, has accepted the position offer.

B. Service Development Report
Eric added that he talked with The Collegian today about the articulated bus and there should be something in tomorrow’s paper. Joe Gilbert said that TV 10 News was at CATA today to do a report, also. Eric said that CATA will provide 24-hour LOOP service for the Dance Marathon, whose sponsor is the Student Book Store. The Thon runs February 20-22, 2004.

With no Executive Session planned, Gary Powers moved that the meeting be adjourned. Joe Davidson seconded. The motion was carried unanimously and the meeting adjourned at 5:32 PM.